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I would first like to acknowledge my husband, Derrick William McCluskey, Sr. Throughout all of my trials and tribulations, this man has been my rock, sword, and shield.

Secondly, I would also like to acknowledge my children, Marion, McKenzie, Blanche, and Derrick, Jr. Thanks for allowing mommy to write her first book.

To my parents, Thomas and Linda Gosier, and Marion and Velvie Mitchell, thanks for pushing me to be great; and to my siblings: Marion, Angela, Thomas, Glen, Johnny, Allison, and Anthony…your girl finally finished a book!

I would also like to acknowledge my grandparents, Ulyssess, Sr. and Johnnie Marable and the entire Marable clan. We are still putting Dixie on the map.

To my good friend, Shannon Roper, you can finally get some sleep now. Thank you so much for listening to me read countless pages and providing much needed feedback.

Without hesitation, I would like to acknowledge my friend and fellow author, Vernard “Julio” Hodges. You wrote Bet on Yourself: from Zero to Millions to provide the blueprint for financial success and then encouraged me to share my story and create a blueprint for success in education. I am forever grateful for your guidance and unwavering support through my writing process.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my editor, Ms. Barbara Joe. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going!

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